About me

I’m Ramtin Alami, a second-year Computer Science student at Monash University. I started learning to code at the age of 11, when I moved schools and didn’t make heaps of friends (sad but worked out in the end). I started with C++ but over time found my true love which is the one and only… Python. I’ve coded in a plethora of languages and Python is still my favorite. I am currently learning dart.

I have yet to discover my true passion in the field but I am pretty sure I am going to end up doing Ai. Artificial intelligence sits on that beautiful spot where mathematics and computer science collide. Also, My first program's name was "chat simulator" thus from that start I had a fascination with replicating human intelligence. On the other hand, I am currently working on an unrelated secret game app project that is also a massive game theory experiment.

Apart from computer science and mathematics, the other thing I  froth is philosophy. I don’t know why... but I love reading books on philosophy, I’m currently having an existential phase. In this new blog, I am planning on writing a bit on philosophy as well.

I hope that was an adequate introduction to me… If you’re interested in contacting me feel free to email me at ramtinalami@gmail.com.